EuDML metadata schema specification (v1.0)


The EuDML metadata schema version 1.0 as defined by deliverable 3.2 is heavily based on the modular Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Set (JATS) version 3.0 published by the the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

It is implemented in three DTDs providing the 3 root elements holding XML metadata for three major types of items, namely journal articles, books, and multivolume works. A consequence of this choice is that book parts (typically individual articles in a proceedings volumes), while being “first class citizens” in our abstract model, are described and exchanged within the whole book they belong to.

The specification

Journal articles are described with a minimal extension of Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Set with root element <article>:

  • the xml:lang attribute is allowed for the <issue-title> element.

Books are described with a minor extension of the Book Tag Set with root
element <book>:

  • a child <conference> element (as in <article-meta>) is allowed in <bookmeta>; this element is needed to describe conference proceedings volumes;
  • a child <book-part-id> with attribute pub-id-type is allowed in <bookpart-meta>; this element is used to preserve item-level identifiers, when parts of a book are EuDML items;
  • the pub-id-type attribute to <book-id> and <book-part-id> can have values beyond a restricted list; it is used in particular to identify the authority who assigned the identifier.

Multivolume works are described by a new root element <mbook>. Multivolume works’ metadata is identical to <book> metadata, with the addition of references to individual constituents (volumes). The element <book-meta> is replaced by <mbook-meta> with same structure, except:

  • a child <mbook-list> element is required in <mbook-meta>. It is a container for individual volumes, as in JATS collection DTD;
  • each component volume reference is captured by an <mbook-volume> element (child of <mbook-list>), with the following children:
    – <title>: the title of the volume,
    – any number of <book-id> and <ext-link> elements.
    While the EuDML internal machinery only needs <book-id>s in order to implement the multivolume work/individual book relationship, the <title> and <ext-link> elements should be useful to external applications for display and access purposes. Each individual volume in a multivolume work is encoded with the Book DTD.

Best practices

This document presents the different items of the EuDML metedata schema and how to deal with them. Examples are given to illustrate the different cases.


Many example XML files can be downloaded from EuDML temporary repox installation