Miroslav Bartošek (MU) was invited to present the Czech Digital Mathematics Library DML-CZ and the EuDML.

Journées MATHRICE 2011, Dijon

Thierry Bouche presented the first results of the EuDML project in his lecture Le projet EuDML, premiers résultats in the workshop Journées MATHRICE 2011 in Dijon.

Petr Sojka gave the lecture Accessibility issues in a digital mathematical library: examples and experience of DML-CZ and EuDML in the Conference Universal Learning Design held in Brno on 10 February 2011.

The Committee for Electronic Publications of the RSME (the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society) has organized a Special Session on the Future of Mathematical Literature as part of the Centennial Congress of the RSME held in Ávila, February 1 to 5, 2011 .

Thierry Bouche, the Scientific Coordinator of EuDML, was invited to give a presentation of EuDML The EuDML project and the future of access to the mathematical literature. Thierry Bouche (UJF/CMD), Bernd Wegner (FIZ) and Enrique Macias (USC), all three, partners of EuDML, along with José Luis Fernández (Chief Editor of the Revista Hispanoamericana de Matemáticas) and Frans Lettenström (Director of Library Sales for Southern Europe, Northern Africa & Russia from Springer) have participated in a Special Panel on the Future of the Mathematical Literature.

Presentation at the CNRS

Thierry Bouche shortly presented EUDML project to the directors of French mathematics research laboratories linked to CNRS in Paris.

Jiří Rákosník presented the projects DML-CZ and EuDML in the Annual Conference of Slovak Mathematicians, Jasná pod Chopkom, Slovakia, on 3 December 2010.

Petr Sojka delivered the invited talk Document engineering for digital libraries in the Portsmouth University Computing Seminar in Porthmouth, UK, on 5 November 2010, and the invited talk From bitmaps back to brains: DML-CZ and EuDML projects in the University of Birmingham AI Seminar, Birmingham, UK, on 8 November 2010.

Projects DML-CZ and EuDML were presented to high-school students and general public during the Doors Open Day in the Institute of Mathematics AS CR, Praha on 3 November 2010.

On 26 October 2010 the Czech TV channel ČT24 presented a telecast about the projects DML-CZ and EuDML with live entries of Miroslav Bartošek and Jiří Rákosník.

The Open Access Week is a global event, now in its 4th year, promoting the open access as a new norm in scholarship and research. This year’s Open Access Week will highlight the collaboration behind the open access and a broad range of initiatives around the globe. The anticipated participation of hundreds of universities, research institutions, and other sites worldwide would demonstrate the depth and the breadth of support for the open access and the real impact of un-fettered access on advancing discovery across disciplines.