EDP Sciences (EDPS)

EDP Sciences (Édition Diffusion Presse Sciences), a subsidiary of learned societies, works closely with the  scientific world. It is involved in the communication and dissemination of science to specialist audiences  (researchers, engineers, students etc.) and non-specialist audiences alike (general public, decision makers,  teachers…). EDP Sciences produces and publishes international journals, books and Internet sites with a  predominantly scientific or technical content (astrophysics, applied and fundamental physics, mathematics,  electronics, materials sciences, life sciences, and the medical field).

EDP Sciences offers a specialist publication platform with contents whose quality is validated by international  scientific committees and has developed an expertise recognised in the field of processing and distribution of  scientific information for the 50 journals online indexed in the main international databases.  EDP Sciences is a founding member of the DOI Foundation as well as a CrossRef Consortium member. 

The computer science department of EDP Sciences has developed a journal production workflow based on  LaTeX and XML technologies. It set up a platform for online publishing of scientific journals and conference proceedings. Tools have been developed there in order that the published collections be interoperable with the  main scientific databases and reviewing or indexing services. A tool recently developed in the framework of  the French e-thesis project ―Cyberthèse‖ is Lxir, an open source software for conversion from LaTeX source  to XML/MathML format

Marie-Louise Chaix: Project officer at the computer science department. Member of the board of the  association GUTenberg (French user‘s group of TeX).  

Jean-Paul Jorda: Coordinator of the developer team at the computer science department. He teaches on  structured documents at university Paris X Nanterre (Master Documents électroniques et flux d'information).

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