The EuDML Initiative

The EuDML Initiative is association without legal personality, formed by a network of universities, public research institutions, publishers, scientific databases administrators and leading technology providers, and further subjects, dedicated to producing quality scientific information in mathematics.

Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of the Initiative is to provide a Digital Mathematics Library (DML) for the worldwide scientific community as a public service with the aim to

  • help scientists locate the information that is distributed in various digital repositories and discover information related to their work in optimal way,
  • be exhaustive and comprehensive in the field of mathematics.

The basis for such DML is provided by the EuDML. The Initiative will

  • ensure maintenance and further development of the EuDML,
  • encourage content providers to join and integrate their content to the DML,
  • adapt to using new information technologies and invite subjects interested in contributing to research and development for the continuous evolution of DML to join,
  • search for projects of research and development aiming at improving its services to the user community and will encourage its members to get involved in such projects,
  • investigate the possibility/necessity of transforming the Initiative to another model involving legal personality and financial issues.

Membership in the Initiative is open to any legally and contractually competent natural or legal person willing to support the objectives of the Initiative by providing

  • digital content, i.e. integrating (at least partially) their digital collections of high-quality mathematical publications in the DML according to the DML guidelines and standards, which are based on internationally accepted standards and trends, adapted to the special needs of mathematical publications, and maintaining and expanding access to these publications through the DML service,
  • technological equipment and services for maintaining the DML central services and/or developing other technical services and tools to be used in the DML,
  • scientific, financial, strategic or political support to the Initiative and its activities.

Members of the Initiative are not obliged to make any financial contributions.

Rights and Duties of Members
Without prejudice to other rights set out in the statute or in applicable laws, members have the right to:

  • take part in the activities of the Initiative,
  • examine the documents recording the activities of the Initiative, as well as request and obtain information on the development of such activities,
  • resign from the Initiative.

Members have the duty to:

  • take part in the activities necessary for the satisfaction of the objectives of the Initiative,
  • contribute to the needs of the Initiative,
  • comply with the decisions of the bodies of the Initiative, with the statute and the applicable legislation.

Organizational Structure
The body with decision-making powers is the General Assembly formed by one representative of each member.

The Executive Board is composed of the Chair of the Initiative, the Chair of the Technical Committee and three other persons representing members of the Initiative. The Executive Committee of the EMS will nominate the member representing the EMS; this corresponds to the EMS particular role and responsibility in the Initiative.

The Scientific Advisory Board is appointed by the EMS. It is responsible to ensure the scientific quality of the DML service, and advises the Executive Board on scientific matters, strategic orientations and priorities for development of the service, take part in the evaluation, and bring in the feedback of the mathematical community.

The Technical Committee is composed of the Chair of the Technical Committee and four other members representing technological equipment and service providers or other members of the Initiative. It ensures the continuous technical operations of EuDML services being responsible for the technical development, technical standards and workflows, and the technical operations of the system.

The EuDML Initiative Statutes

EuDML Policies, Standards and Guidelines