EuDML Network

We invite further partners to join the EuDML Initiative in building the reference digital mathematics library of the future.

The EuDML Initiative partners are universities, public research institutions, publishers, scientific databases administrators and leading technology providers, and further subjects, dedicated to producing quality scientific information in mathematics. Participants belonging to different European countries include mathematicians and computer scientists, librarians and digital library specialists, editors, and professional information service and document engineering specialists. The European Digital Mathematics Library has been promoted by the European Mathematical Society which the leading partner of the EuDML Initiative.

The EuDML Initiative has been formed of the primary agents in their respective national digitisation programmes, publishers of new material and leading technology providers. Its aim is to exploit existing and emerging standards to integrate the content available at each partner's site, and provide guidelines for integration of further partners, as well as for worldwide cooperation. It will serve as a forum where scientists, learned societies, librarians, publishers and technology and service providers will have the opportunity to share their visions, and design a powerful environment, together with effective strategies and policies for preserving and accessing mathematical references over the long term.

Partners in the EuDML Initiative joined together to ensure sustainability and further development of the EuDML by providing the organisational and technical infrastructure to accommodate new collections and mathematically rich metadata formats, and to work towards truly open access to the digitized mathematical heritage.