Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMI- BAS)

The institute is the main mathematical institution in Bulgaria. It was established in 1947. Since than it has  been a leading Bulgarian centre for research and training of highly qualified specialists and exercising an  efficient, long-range, consistent policy related to the fundamental trends in the development of mathematics,  computer science and information technologies. IMI has a total staff of 238 (175 researchers, including 105  full and associate professors) in 21 departments. 

The Institute has the richest mathematical library in the country and is publisher of the two of the main  Bulgarian mathematical journals. Besides various activities related to digital born mathematical texts, at the  institute a core group has been created working on digitisation of cultural heritage and dealing with  digitisation of historical monuments and manuscripts. These activities have led to the establishment of the  new ―Digitisation of Scientific Heritage‖ department. The institute disposes of the adequate infrastructure, a  leading role in the Bulgarian mathematical community, as well as the experience on several digitisation projects.  


Radoslav D. Pavlov: Associate Professor at IMI-BAS (1979), PhD (Informatics, 1977), Deputy director of  IMI-BAS, Head of the Department of Computational Linguistics at IMI – BAS (1984-), Vice-President of  Alliance for Strategies and Development of Information Society (Bulgaria). His major research interests are in  the fields of Human Language Technologies, Information Society Technologies, Knowledge Technologies  and Management, Semantic WEB services, Semantic Information Processing, Digital Libraries and Content  Management Systems, Algorithmics. In the latest years he was the site leader of 9 national and international  projects. 

Julian P. Revalski: Since 2001 full professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian  Academy of Sciences, 2000 – 2003 co-responsible involved into several international projects, 2001 – 2003  responsible for a team of about 25 persons from IMI-BAS and Sofia University that digitised 13 volumes of  the "Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik" within a cooperation with SUB Göttingen and the  Technical University Berlin, since 2003 member of the Advisory Committee of the Committee on Electronic  Information and Communication of the International Mathematical Union (CEIC).  

Peter L. Stanchev: Full Professor at IMI-BAS (2001), DSc (1998), Chair of the Information Research  Department (since 2005), Professor at Kettering University (Since 2002). His major research interests are in  the fields of Image Processing, Multimedia Database Systems, Data Base Systems, Information Systems,  Expert Systems, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Decision Making and Web Technologies. Member of IEEE, IFIP,  the Association for Computing Machinery, the International Society for Computers and Their Applications,  the International Association of Science and Technology for Development.  

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