Instituto de Estudios Documentales sobre Ciencia y Tecnología — IEDCYT (CSIC)


The IEDCYT of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research is a public organisation devoted to encouraging  scientific information of quality in every field of knowledge. Its main objectives are to develop research  projects in the field of scientific information and documentation, to train specialists and users in information  technologies, and to promote the dissemination of the Spanish scientific output. It maintains one of the most  important Spanish library of scientific and technical journals, a document delivery centre, a technical and  industrial translation service, and several databases and portals.  

Rosa de la Viesca: Awarded a higher degree ("Licenciatura") in Physics from the Universidad Complutense  de Madrid in 1965, she has always worked in the field of scientific information, participated in several EU  projects, was promoted to director of CINDOC (Centro de Información y Documentación Cientifica, now  YEDCIT) institute belonging to the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC) in 1983, and since 1998,  when she left the management of CINDOC. She was the Spanish representative on the committees of the EU  Programmes IMPACT and INFO 2000, has served as vice-chairman of EUSIDIC, Secretary of the FID/II  Committee and vice-president of the Intergovernmental Council of the PGI under UNESCO.  

Elena Fernández: Has a degree in Chemical engineering. Her professional life other than in Physical  Chemistry has been in the documentation field creating bibliographic databases and, lately, in the Internet  media. She has created several vertical portals in different issues, and she participates in several European  projects. She has published on thesauri, Internet Resources, Electronic publishing, etc. 

Ramón Rodriguez: Has a PhD (Universidad de Sevilla, 1984) in Biology. Presently is a Staff Scientist at the  Instituto de Estudios Documentales sobre Ciencia y Tecnología, IEDCYT (formerly CINDOC). His previous  research interests and career has developed in experimental Biology. He is in charge of several initiatives  dealing with scientific communication through the internet, such as Revistas CSIC and  e-Revistas. His research interest is mostly focused on the analysis of cybermetrics and  infobibliometrics aspects of scientific publishing on the Internet.  

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