Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM)

Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw University (ICM), is a  research centre in computational sciences, focusing in the areas of mathematical, natural and computational  sciences, as well as networking and informational technology. It operates the leading scientific  supercomputing centre in Poland. The centre has multi-year experience in provision of large scale Internet  information and data services since 1994. The early experiences include setting up and maintenance of one of  the largest software repositories in Europe (SunSITE in 1995), creation of the first and most popular Polish  search engine in partnership with Infoseek Corp. (in 1996) and co-development of the currently most popular  Polish search engine (Netsprint). ICM has also had extensive experience in Internet content replication  techniques, being a founder and co-organizing a series of yearly International Web Caching and Content  Replication conferences, playing an active role in TERENA's caching and indexing task forces, and  establishing a countrywide caching hierarchy in Poland in 1998. Since 1995 ICM is running a multi-terabyte  national Virtual Library programme (with over 10,000 full text articles being downloaded daily) serving  hundreds of scientific and research institutions in Poland. As a subproject, the countrywide Internet library  catalogue is being developed, as well as a number of comprehensive databases of Polish academic and  research journals. The Virtual Library includes a publicly accessible extensive collection of Polish  mathematical journals. ICM coordinates countrywide licensing programs for access to bibliographical  databases and for remote software licenses. Different databases and content repositories are being gradually  integrated with the use of a custom built, high-performance resource indexing broker system. ICM is one of  the partners of the Digital Repository Infrastructure for European Research (DRIVER) project, developing  and providing the IT technology for DRIVER core infrastructure, including the indexing service, browsing  service, authorisation and authentication service. 

Marek Niezgodka: Director of ICM at Warsaw University; since 1989 professor at Warsaw University, has  initiated and manages the process of shaping the Polish virtual library of sciences; has managed numerous  R&D projects; is a member of various international advisory and editorial boards in the field of applied and  computational mathematics; is very active in the field of international cooperation, being an expert of the  European Commission, acting as referee for German DFG SFB (Sonderforschungsbereiche) programmes in  high-performance computing and modelling areas.

Wojtek Sylwestrzak: Director for Information Technology at ICM, Warsaw University, Poland; currently  responsible for the Polish national Virtual Library of Science project. His past experience involves  deployment of a number of milestone Polish Internet services since 1994, including data repositories, large  scale search engines and distributed systems. His current interests include scalable search systems and  distributed data architectures, and he leads the Polish team of the DRIVER Digital Repository Infrastructure  for European Research project.  

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