Ionian University, Department of Informatics

The Department of Informatics of the Ionian University was founded by the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs in 2004 and its scope covers Theoretical as well as Applied Informatics. It is located in the city of Corfu, Greece. The mission of the department is to advance scientific and research activities not already covered by existing university departments throughout Greece. As a result, its function is complementary to that of similar departments in Greece and is clearly focused on novel applications in the areas of Information Systems and Humanistic Informatics. Information Systems, on the one hand, is a crucial factor regarding production, services and management in enterprises nowadays. Humanistic Informatics, on the other hand, addresses the needs for education and research within the area of Informatics, and tones in with the nature of the Ionian University.

The department is maintaining the Hellenic Digital Mathematics Library.