Made Media Ltd (MML)


Made Media Ltd. is a digital media agency with a focus on user experience design, database-driven web  applications and social media.  The company employs ten full-time staff including user interface designers,  website developers and server technicians. Made Media's staff are experts in the open-source LAMP and  Ruby-on-rails MVC frameworks and take a specific interest in content management, web standards and  interoperable web services. Recent projects include the BAFTA award winning 'Embarrassing Bodies' website  for Channel 4, a collaborative document repository with dublin-core metadata for the Association for  European Transport, and a collaborative technologies database for Euroscan, a network of European institutions researching new medical technologies. 

Jake Grimley has been working in new media since graduating with a BSc in Physics in 1996. He has  delivered new media projects for clients including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Goodyear, BMW  and McCann Erickson. A 'creative developer', Jake held the Creative Director's position at his first company,  before moving into a Developer's role, and setting up Made Media Ltd in 2003. He has developed open source  software projects, including a PHP implementation of the Active Record ORM pattern, but now consults on  the overall user experience design for his clients. 

Stefan Lewandowski is a creative web entrepreneur with a keen interest in social media and new models of  interaction. Stef has been working the web since 1999, founding the award-winning digital media agency  3form, producing projects for clients including Vivienne Westwood, the V&A and Stef has  since set-up web 2.0 projects including 'Odadeo' the community site for fathers and 'Help me Investigate' the  web's answer to local investigative journalism. Stef is a proponent of the Ruby on Rails MVC stack, and open  web services like Openid, Opensocial and REST APIs.  He brings a deep understanding of the cutting-edge of  web development.

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