Masaryk University Brno: Faculty of Informatics (MU)


Masaryk University in Brno with 30,000 students and 3,000 employees is the second largest university in the Czech Republic. With 9 faculties and a new campus under construction it is steadily growing and  strengthening its research potential. Its Faculty of Informatics and Institute of Computer Science set standards  of Computer Science technologies and services both locally and internationally. 

MU is publisher of the  journal Archivum Mathematicum.  Miroslav BartoŇ°ek: Specialist in digital libraries and archives. Head of Library and Information Centre of the  Masaryk Univerisity, Brno. Principal investigator or participant in several projects (university research plan  "Digital Libraries", ERCIM Technical reports DL, Digital Library of Photographs at Masaryk University,  WebArchiv - Infrastructure for Archiving the Czech Web). Participant in the DML-CZ project.  

Petr Sojka: Researcher and lecturer (computer typesetting and typography, processing of natural language,  text information systems). Technological solutions in the digitisation project for the Jan Otto Encyclopaedia.  Technical supervisor of the DML-CZ digitisation program. Chairman of the DML 2008 workshop held July  2008, Birmingham, UK. Participant in the DML-CZ project.  

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