EuDML at CICM 2012 multiconferences (DML 2012 and MIR 2012)

Since 2008, every year a workshop on Digital Mathematics Libraries (DML) was a part of the Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM).
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This year CICM was held in Jacobs University in Bremen (Germany) on July 8-13 (

As part of DML track there were three events related to EuDML:

  • Michal Růžička presented the paper "Normalization of Digital Mathematics Library Content -- MathML Canonicalization" authored with Martin Líška, David Formánek and Petr Sojka about normalizations of MathML needed for proper functioning of math-aware search in EuDML
  • Radim Hatlapatka presented paper "JBIG2 Supported by OCR" about methods that allow both the scanned pages improvement and the PDF file size savings.
  • Panel discussion "Towards World DML: Are we on the right track?" chaired by Petr Sojka, with panelists Jiří Rákosník, Alan Sexton, Patrick Ion and Wolfram Sperber.


Besides the DML track there was also a workshop on Mathematics Intelligent Retrieval, where EuDML's math-aware search subsystem MIaS was presented in talks by Petr Sojka and Martin Líška and demonstrated in the MIR happening