EuDML workshop with content providers

The workshop held in the Institute of Mathematics ASCR in Prague on 15 October 2010 aimed at bringing together all content providers in the project to discuss the findings of the preliminary analysis of the collections and the technical orientation to be pursued.


9.00–12.30 WP3: EuDML workshop with content providers – State of the art

9.00–9.30 Welcome (Prague authorities, local organization and practical details, J .Borbinha, Th. Bouche, J. Rákosník)

9.30–10.00 Presentation of the main objectives of EuDML and project´s profile and agenda (J. Rákosník)

10.00–10.45 Content, metadata, interoperability among EuDML partners (Th. Bouche)

11.15–12.00 Compared usability of existing services, user expectations: Summary of D6.1 (J. Grimley)

12.00–12.30 Plans for release (J. Borbinha)

14.00–16.30 WP3: EuDML workshop with content providers – Broader views

14.00–15.00 Short communications

International Mathematical Union views (U. Rehmann)

European Mathematical Society views (A. Laptev)

Digitised mathematics at SUB Göttingen (Th. Fischer)

DML projects in Serbia (Ž. Mijajlović)

15.00–16.30 Panel about expectations from stakeholders, directions to follow in order to reach universal acceptance from users and content providers, broad inclusiveness and sustainibility: Susan Hezlet (London Math. Soc.), Clemens Heine (Springer SBM), Ulf Rehmann (IMU/CEIC member, chair EMS/EPC)

Programme commitee: Thierry Bouche (chair), Jiří Rákosník (local organizer), Enrique Macías Virgos, Marie-Louise Chaix