Europeana Open Culture 2010 Conference, Amsterdam 14/15 October

The last few places are available at Europeana´s Open Culture 2010 conference: booking will close shortly as we are nearing our 350 capacity.

The keynote speakers are Liam Wyatt, the British Museum´s first Wikipedian in Residence, who will give a keynote on Peace, Love & Metadata: a cultural collaboration with Wikipedia, and James Crawford, Engineering Director for Google Books, who will talk about the present and future of the project.

In parallel tracks, discussion groups will be led by experts on key themes in our sector- Linked Data, User Generated Content, and the Risks and Rewards of opening up our data and content.

There will also be demonstrations of sucessful sites around Europe that exemplify these themes.

The Europeana Conference is a free annual event which highlights current challenges for our sector and looks for practical solutions for the future. This year´s conferebce will focus on how museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections can create public value by making digital, cultural and scientific information openly available.

The Open Culture 2010 Conference is open to all cultural institutions, information professional´s, application developers and technology researchers. The Conference will connect the main actors in cultural and scientific heritage in order to build networks and establish future collaborations. Register today in order to:

- Benefit from the latest thinking of innovators, experts, and academics.

-Learn about new project achievements, technology developments and trends in the cultural heritage domain.

-Meet inspirational speakers, key decision makers and potential project partners.


More about our keynotes:

Lyam Wyatt´s work at the British Museum brought curators, content and Wikipedia contributors together in new ways. The collaboration was a great sucess, improving the quality of Wikipedia articles on the Museum´s objects and increasing the clickthroughs to the Museum´s site. It heralds a change in the way that professionals in galleries, libraries, archives and museusm engage with their online users.

James Crawford´s keynote on Google Books will focus on progress towards the goal of scanning the world´s books and making the data searchable online. Recent developments include digitisation agreements signed with Europeana´s host, the National Library of the Netherlands, and Europeana Connect´s co-ordinator, the National Library of Austria, one result of which is that a further 560,000 historic texts will be made available through Europeana.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Open Culture 2010 Conference.

The Europeana Team