Retrieval of annotations via SPARQL

Function name: get-annotations


  • sparql  a SPARQL query

The SPARQL query must be a SELECT and must contain variable ?annotation. Other possible values are listed in the table.

Returns: list of annotations serialized in JSON format or an empty page if it does not exist or is not public or the SPARQL query is not valid.

Example: ?annotation WHERE {?annotation ?b <urn:type:deleted>}


[{"id":"","type":"","owner":"urn:namespace: user:a08186203c61b03f013c623ea4ba0001","status":"urn: type:deleted","target":null,"visibility":"public", "created":1358964435940,"primaryTarget": "urn:eudml:doc:167071","annotationBody":{"content":"test"}},{"id":"","type": "","owner":"urn: namespace:user:a0818620384637110138466650190001", "status":"urn:type:deleted","target":null,"visibility": "public","created":1361273221456,"primaryTarget":"urn: eudml:doc:11111","annotationBody":{"content":"hgbgh"}}]

Remark: Annotation IDs are contained in the code of each EuDML page. You cannot retrieve private annotations. Annotation content cannot be subject of searching via SPARQL endpoint.

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