The EuDML site offers a possibility to:

  • put comments on EuDML articles (see Notes on the bottom of each article page). These comments are of different types: comment, explanation, correction, example, advice.
  • reply to comments
  • mark comments as offensive
  • suggest a MSC subject to an article (see Suggest a subject on the right side of each article page)
  • add an article to a personal list (see Add to personal list on the right side of each article page)
  • manage personal lists (make a list private/public, share a list with a group of EuDML users)

All these actions are handled by the Annotation Component service. By annotation we mean a comment or a subject suggestion. Apart of its content (annotation body) annotation contains meta-information about its:

  • creator
  • creation date
  • primary target (the article)
  • possibly a secondary target (in case of replies to other comments)
  • visibility (public, private)
  • language
  • state – annotations are never deleted, only their state is changed to „deleted“
  • URLs extracted from the annotation body

Annotation body can be a simple URL. Personal lists are actually lists of annotations containing links to article pages. Each annotation and personal list has its own URL of the form, e.g., https://eudml.org/services/annotation/Annotation1359104375259.

Users can easily create personal lists and embed them in their sites. Apart from that possibility EuDML API offers a more complex access to annotations.