University of Santiago de Compostela: Institute of Mathematics (USC)

The University of Santiago de Compostela is among the five main universities in Spain, with more than  30.000 students, 2200 teachers and 1000 administrative and service staff people. USC offers more than 60  official degrees and incorporates 300 research groups in 80 buildings covering one million square meters in  two campuses. The Institute of Mathematics has participated in European projects like LIMES (Large  Infrastructures in Mathematics) and MACSI-Net (Mathematics, Computing and Simulation for Industry).  

Enrique Macias-Virg√≥s: Doctor in Mathematics, he was the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics for seven  years and vice-president of the Spanish Mathematical Society RSME. Presently he is the chairman of the  Spanish Commission on Electronic Information and Communication, depending from the IMU Spanish  Committee (CEMAT). He is also a member of the Electronic Publishing Committee of the European  Mathematical Society. He is one of the organizers of the Spanish digitization project DML-E. 

Felipe Gago: Doctor in Mathematics, is a staff member of the Spanish Mathematical Royal Society and  participated in the LIMES project (Large Infrastructures in Mathematics, Enhanced Services).  

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