Work package 2: Policies, exploitation and dissemination

Objectives: Promotion and broad dissemination of project results among the target groups.
Bring together stakeholders, academic community, potential partners and digitization initiatives to agree on crucial issues as preservation, IPR, open access policies, usability and interoperability.
To set-up a scientific advisory board under the auspices of the EMS, representing users, ensuring scientific quality, and providing leading edge expertise.
To develop a sustainable business model and an exploitation plan.

  • Deliverable 2.1 – Dissemination plan This document describes the public actions that are planned for promoting the EuDML project. Above that it introduces the corporate identity which has been professionally designed for the EuDML project and which is used for every EuDML publication and presentation. In addition this document provides a description of the EuDML website. A list of future promotional actions and co-ordination activities have been incorporated, including publications in journals, mailing-lists, newsletters and also presentations at conferences or workshops held with different target groups of the project.
  • Deliverable 2.2 – Workshop report This document reports on the Digital Mathematics Library (DML) workshop held as part of Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, CICM 2011 in Bertinoro, Forli, Italy, 18-23 July 2011. 
  • Deliverable 2.3 – EuDML business plan One main objective of Work package 2 was to define the EuDML Business Model, based on user requirements, technological environment studies and supplier business cases. Based on this, a model for future, sustainable operation of the EuDML services was developed.