Work package 3: Content aggregation

Objectives: Identify all the metadata schemas from the content providers and define the common EuDML metadata schema (this profile must describe enough information for the expected services to be built by further work packages as well as third parties after completion of the project, yet be simple enough to resent a low barrier of entry for potential EuDML members in the future).

  • Deliverable 3.2 – The EuDML metadata schema The first specification of the EuDML metadata schema,which will be used, tested and informed by other work package’s tasks, and refined throughout the project duration. A definitive specification will be delivered at the project's end.
  • Deliverable 3.6 – The EuDML metadata schema The final version of the EuDML metadata schema. It is a sequel to deliverable D3.2 which describes the initial version of the EuDML schema. Main differences between both versions of the EuDML metadata schema:
    – All new structures introduced in JATS NISO 1.0 are supported.
    – The article document type is described with the standard article XSD provided by JATS NISO 1.0.
    – Name spaces have changed.
    – The book document type is described using a new schema defined from scratch based explicitly on JATS NISO 1.0 elements. This schema is very similar to EuDML v. 1.0 book structure, but the way it is defined has completely changed and backward compatibility has not been sought in this case.
    – Multi-volume works are now not any more supported by a third XML record type (mbook), but through a special metadata element in the book schema.