Work package 5: Metadata repository and search engine implementation

Objectives: EuDML tools will be able to search, browse and exploit a distributed network of resources as if it were a single well-managed library.
This work package realises the EuDML core metadata repository and search engine infrastructure, following the specifications established by the WP4.
Provide the framework to federate the metadata in a central metadata repository (the same technology will make it possible for local networks to build their own repositories).

  • Deliverable 5.2 – The EuDML Search and Browsing Service Description of the first live demonstration of the EuDML software. The demo includes the basic orchestration of the EuDML core services, and demonstrates the basic functionality of the EuDML digital library. The demonstration site was presented to the consortium members on the EuDML plenary meeting, on 31 January 2011 in Madrid. The demo system is composed of the core system services (storage, search and browse services) and an adapted version of YADDA web user interface. This web user interface will be a base for a future development in WP6. The system operates on metadata in NLM format, provided by WP3 and offers basic digital library functionality, including search, browse and presentation of the metadata.(1)
  • Deliverable 5.3 The EuDML Search and Browse Service – Final 
    The document presents the final report on development of Browse and Search Components of the EuDML System. All new features implemented or changed since D5.2 report are described and illustrated with a screenshot. This is the last report on WP5, but some features, developed in other workpackages, will have noticeable impact on the functionality described in this document. Most significant will be WP10 developments in the area of multilingualism support and WP7 developments in metadata enhancement.
  • Deliverable 5.4 – The EuDML Metadata Registry and Repository – Final This document is an update of the Deliverable D5.1. It describes the overall architecture and the key components of both the REPOX and MDR frameworks. Together with its complementary appendix, it is intended as the general reference document for development purposes. It is a concise document focused on explaining not only the purpose of REPOX as the EuDML metadata repository and MDR as its metadata registry, but also how their integration with external services like Full-Text, Record Validator and EuDML Transform can fit together to create a seamless harvesting process from the raw data made available by the content providers until it is stored within the EuDML repository.


(1) The new improved version of the system has been integrated in the EuDML beta.