Work package 6: Web and service interface implementation

Objectives: This work package covers the human and machine interfaces of the system. Human interfaces will all share the same graphical style and look and feel, promoting an “EuDML brand”, which will be multilingual and provide accessibility options to visually impaired and dyslexic users. Machine interfaces will be based in common standards, or in effective web-services, following the Representational State Transfer (REST) paradigm when relevant (or SOAP when recommended), and outputting common standards-based representations including XML (to agreed schema), RSS and JSON.
Functional interfaces and widgets will be also developed to make it possible to include a “EuDML Search Box” in other local systems and portal. A widget configuration facility will be developed, making it easy for users to create tailored search interfaces for their own websites. Other functional interfaces will be also designed and implemented for services related to interoperability.

  • Deliverable 6.1 – Usability study Made Media are assisting and consulting on interface and user experience design in the development of a new website for EuDML, the online European Digital Maths Library. As part of this work we conducted a usability test to ensure that the new website avoids common usability problems. To extract the most value from the usability test, we analysed the strengths and weaknesses of existing digital maths libraries and observed general online research behaviour. This study will be used to shape the design of the new Library user interface. The test tasked six subjects with performing a series of tasks representative of using digital mathematics libraries, and each study was recorded.
  • Deliverable 6.2 – User interface design This document details the intended interface design of the User Interface for the EuDML website, including: the layout and key structure of the website in the form of wireframe layouts; and the application of the EuDML brand identity to the wireframes resulting in graphically-designed screens.
  • Deliverable 6.3 – Public user interface – initial release This document is to accompany a demonstrator, the initial release of the EuDML public User Interface. It also provides its brief description and presents a number of screenshots, representative for the User Interface.
    The demonstration of the site was presented on 19 of July 2011 to the participants of the Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM) in Bertinoro, Italy.
    It is publicly accessible without any restrictions. The software available there will be periodically updated until the final release, to reflect the latest pre-released version.(1)
  • D6.4 – Web and Service Interface Implementation – Service Interface Deliverable D6.4 is a demonstrator of the Service interface of the EuDML system. This document complements the demonstrator that is available online. The service interface allows the EuDML system to be used by external applications and third party systems. It consists of the following RESTful interfaces: OAI-PMH server (still under development), OpenSearch, Batch Ref, Reverse Ref, Similar Items, All Pointers, Batch Ids, Handled Ids, Metadata. The demonstrators can be found under address
  • Deliverable 6.5 – Public User Interface – Final Release The purpose of this document is to accompany a demonstrator deliverable D6.5, the final release of the EuDML public User Interface. It also provides its brief description and presents a number of screenshots, representative for the User Interface..


(1) The new improved version of the system has been integrated in the EuDML beta.